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Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend


Believe it or not, this cool looking ring holder is pretty simple to make.

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Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend used a Dremel Maker Kit to do it, but you might be able to get by with tools you already have. Here's a link to our YouTube video showing exactly how to make this yourself, plus 4 other simple DIY gifts like a bracelet, necklace, and more. This candy cake will satisfy any sweet tooth. No need to spend big money on jewelry.

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This DIY necklace looks awesome and is easy to do. Need to look like you spent more money?

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Who has that kind of cash? Let Just Bella show you how to make your own flowers out of coffee filters. These flowers are fake… via the Decoist.

The Little Book Of Love...

Get her a weekend away with a friend… the upside for you is that you can play some golf that same weekend! You can put all kinds of things in a jar and Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend a great homemade gift out of it. Learn more at The Gunny Sack. Mason jars can make all kinds of things look cute in the eyes of your girlfriend.

Check out this homemade hand soap from The Happier Homemaker. Make your place smell better… perhaps like a Williams Sonoma store according to My Frugal Adventures.

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Every woman loves a good pedicure. This is a cheaper way to get it done. The cool thing about this is that you can do a handwritten, personal message or design and have some fun Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend it.

See instructions on WitandWhistle. See instructions on the 36th Avenue blog. Maybe you saved some beach shells from a vacation together? Repurpose them into a wind chime that she can hang on a patio.

Great gift if your girlfriend has a winter birthday, or for Christmas. Via Michaela Noelle Designs. Via the Pretty Life Girls. From Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth — this is a really cool project because you can use one of your Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend her old t-shirts to make the scarf out of, which ups the sentimental value. Also — no sewing required! Have a girlfriend who loves to read? Find the full instructions at IHeartNapTime.

Check out instructions at V and Co. Check out Rosy Red Buttons for details. Via Oh So Lovely Vintage blog. Is she an Instagramist? Great gift idea, particularly if she spends a lot of time in the garden or has an outdoor walkway. Dating an English teacher, book worm, or just somebody who just loves Scrabble?

Here is a super clever gift idea from the Gourmet Gab. This one is simple. Fill a jar full of stuff that has sentimental value like ticket stubs, random memories, etc. Okay… so you may not be ready to give your girlfriend this gift just yet. However, maybe you could personalize it to where you are currently or maybe you could just save this idea for later!

Prev Article Next Article. If you make a purchase using one of these links, I may be paid a referral fee at no expense to you. Table of Contents 1. These flowers are fake… via the Decoist 7. See instructions on WitandWhistle Via Intimate Weddings Get immediate access to Pallet University and start creating amazing things from reclaimed pallet wood! about for a while.

so any ideas of how to give her the book? should i give her some chocolate. sentimental things beat material things imo. The Little Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend Of Love - Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend With a bit of luck, she'll return the sentiment with a love bite (of chocolate that is). Sentimental things to do for your girlfriend With that said, we've compiled a few of our favorite ideas to get you thinking, the special woman in your life a nice surprise on her birthday, taking the her or do for her if it comes from the heart–and getting sentimental can.