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Where to meet singles in seattle

Hot Nude Where to meet singles in seattle.

These days, it seems like that movie scene run-in with the perfect stranger is far from realistic.

We did the research so...

If that has happened to you, well, consider yourself lucky. Think outside the box when it comes to meeting a potential other.

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Yes, the bar is always a reliable source for flirty encounters, but will rarely result in something more serious than a tipsy fling. Everyone has to grocery shop.

We were new to Seattle...

Go where the dogs go. Many Seattle singles have furry friends with whom they spend a majority of time in lieu of a significant other—that is, until you two meet.

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Dogs are the perfect icebreaker and topic of conversation. See someone of interest?

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Use his or her dog as an excuse to approach and chat. Try a dog park or canine-friendly area such as Green Lake or Golden Gardens.

Creative spaces attract great minds. Art shows, gallery openings, museums, First Thursdaysand the endless list of Seattle arts events are hot spots for smart singles. Use a piece of art to break the ice, getting a feel for his or her intellect and personality by observing something together.

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