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How to lean in for the first kiss


Make sure your lips and mouth are pleasant and inviting. You don't want to smell like your lunch, so maybe keep some mints handy. Better to start with a soft, gentle, brief kiss. And it if feels right, then make the second one a little longer.

A first kiss is super exciting, but you should go at your own pace. Trust us, you'll know if you feel ready or not.

If you haven't yet experienced...

Sometimes in those early first kissing experiences, we might be a little messy with our saliva. Kissing stimulates more spit, so learn to control the moisture otherwise it'll be a mess. First kisses are can be both unbelievably exciting, but also nerve-wracking How to lean in for the first kiss embarrassing. If the person you're kissing fumbles in an awkward way, remember that this is new for them too. Your lips need to be in top How to lean in for the first kiss if you're planning on kissing somebody.

You can't be having chapped or dry lips. If your lips are crying out for a scrub, grab your toothbrush and use it to softly exfoliate your lips.

Work in a circular motion until smooth. Leaving a mess of red lippie on his face: If you want to add something a little fancy, try a flavoured lip balm. But you feel awkward about letting them know. If you're at a party with friends and they're there then this is your chance.

There are plenty of opportunities to mingle and get close to them. Make sure you make solid eye contact and practise that flirty smile.

1. Test the physical intimacy...

Try your best to be alone for the big moment otherwise you'll have all your friends chanting which can make things a little awkward. But if you're not comfortable with anything that goes down during these game then it's more than okay to say a big fat NO. If you're at school, your potential bae is only going to get the message you want to kiss them if you drop MAJOR hints.

Try secure some alone time with, like walking to and from class.

When you lean in for...

Then grab their hand so they know you like them more than a friend. The movies are always a great ice-breaker for kissing.

It's often the case that...

You can try the standard horror movie so you have the best excuse to cuddle up to them. It helps to make some eye contact during the film, so they know they're on your mind. You can't always rely on them to go in for the kill because hey they may not even know you like them.

We're pretty sure going in for a big fat kiss is a sure-fire way for them to know you are so totally into them.

You might just score a...

Dolly Doctor Myths your friends tell you about sex which are actually total Nonsense. Movie sex is lying to you, this is how it actually goes down in the sheets. Here, women who've initiated the first kiss explain how they did it.

Prep your lips

Lean in, kiss him/her softly, and only make it last two seconds or so. It's a question that has kept year-olds awake at night for centuries: Which way should you lean when you're going in for a kiss? Thankfully. It's How to lean in for the first kiss the case that both people want to kiss, but just don't want to make the first move. Learn how to lean in for a kiss so you're ready when the big moment.

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