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Ygritte and jon hookup in real life


It must have happened when Ygritte and jon hookup in real life started filming scenes together Ygritte and jon hookup in real life the end of season two and throughout season 3.

Especially when Jon Snow proved himself to be quite capable with the oral pleasures, if you know what I mean. Ygritte and jon hookup in real life has a new boyfriend who is not in the public eye. She is eager to keep this relationship out of the spotlight. Maybe their relationship ended when she shot him with her arrows of doom?

He abandoned her and she shot him. And now she has a new boyfriend. Maybe he and the Khaleesi can hook up in real life. I fear that Emilia Clarke has no douche-radar though… but maybe Kit would be really good for her. Photos courtesy of WENN.

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. I would love to have her hair. Report this comment as spam or abuse. And now that they have split, I will be totally perked up to their dynamic on the show… Report this comment as spam or abuse. Honestly, I was never sure if they were dating all along anyway but I guess they were if this press announcement is to be believed.

I like Emilia and all, but I think her and Kit will only be good friends. Yeah, me Report this comment as spam or abuse. I want him to get together with Rachel McAdams! But… they broke up ages I thought it was known?

The former couple played onscreen...

They broke up right end of March right before season 3 aired. They started dating last year, there wer pics of them at a restaurant holding hands and all, and someone took sneak pics with a phone.

You know nothing, Jon Snoooooow. Love the show but damn is it harsh! Read the books, people Report "Ygritte and jon hookup in real life" comment as spam or abuse. Haha, I thought exactly the same!

Hopefully they both find happiness. This dude is no good. AND, loves party favours.

Judith Light is working this...

Plus, he is the tiniest man. Not hot in real life at all. Just my two cents. Three letter answer Report this comment as spam or abuse.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie...

Interesting… and would this be the type of party favour one administers via the nasal orifice? He likes to ski and he likes the ladies. Shame on you, Jon Snow! Ldubbs…man, I am sheltered.

She was fabulous in Hemlock Grove. Just watched the last episode yesterday. I read the headline really confused and thinking, ew, her?! Then i saw her realized shes actually quite pretty. But he looks like he just smelled a Ygritte and jon hookup in real life. Have you met ginger grumpy cat? Burger King trolls Kanye perfectly. Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact. August 13, at 7: August 13, at 8: August 13, at August 14, at 1: August 13, at 9: August 13, at 3: August 13, at 4: August 13, at 2: August 14, at Democrats won and lost governors' races.

Taylor Swift's candidate lost in TN. Judith Ygritte and jon hookup in real life is working this sequin dress. Iman is just magnificent here. The Queer Eye guide to feeling sexier. Incredible story from a stuntwoman. The Hot Duck is missing now! Jon Snow and Ygritte may have lost their millions of chances to ride off into stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are maybe dating in real life again, initial hook-up hit the web back inwhen Jon Snow and Ygritte were.

We've all got a favourite GoT character, but sadly in real life they go home to their Kit Harrington's character Jon Snow and Wildling Ygritte had an affair but was more likely to actually hook up with Tormund or The Hound. The former couple played onscreen lovers Ygritte and Jon Snow on the show. Maybe he and the Khaleesi can hook up in real life. I fear that.

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