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Spank me too hard


Our resident agony aunt Rhona McAuliffe has some advice for a feminist who might need a sexual awakening. When we first met the Spank me too hard was passionate and frenzied, though nothing particularly adventurous. It was comfortable, easy and familiar. I laughed it off — as you would!

He was a little sheepish...

He was a little sheepish afterwards but says that spanking me really turns him on. He definitely feels like the dominant one and that annoys me. Am I wrong to feel that, as a feminist, my values are being challenged?

We don't really mind sharing...

Or should I just humour him? I feel if I bring it up all the joy for him will be gone. But then I think, what about me?! What about me is exactly where your head should be at right now. Just mailing me is a huge step in that direction, whether or not you follow my advice!

We don't really mind sharing...

Your mail suggests that maybe, just maybe you slipped into auto-pilot after your first year of heady passion together. Which is absolutely fine, as long Spank me too hard your partner was reefing on his bed socks beside you.

As an erotic act, spanking goes way back. In an Italian archaeologist discovered an Etruscan tomb, dating from BC, with a mostly preserved fresco of two men spanking a woman, one with a stick and one with his bare hand. The woman seems to be pleasuring one of the men but the painting is too damaged to discern exactly what is going on other than the context was overtly sexual.

Finding out where your boyfriend features on the Kinkometer is a good place to start. Encouraging full disclosure on his deepest desires now will gauge your long-term sexual compatibility. Dan Savage — my favourite US sex therapist — says that all kink cards should be upturned and on the table three years into a relationship.

This allows the potentially non-kinky partner to decide if the fetish revealed is a deal-breaker. The chances of finding a game partner Spank me too hard a small fetish circle are slim. Sometimes, the non-kinky party in that scenario agrees to their partner attending fetish nights alone rather than occupy the Mother role.

The good news is, your Spank me too hard skidded in with his revelation — the most common fetish, as it happens - right on deadline. The next move is yours. So what about you?

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What turns you on? The rest of the time should be focused on your wants. Your Spank me too hard, your choice, right? But do set ground rules. How hard can he hit you? Rate it on a number scale of 0 to If you find 7 too painful, request a 3 or a 4.

The best spank me hard...

Spank me too hard make sure your boyfriend knows the no-go impact zones with this colour-coded body map. Lower back is out, bum and thighs are in. Or maybe your next boyfriend will have a foot fetish. Rhona McAuliffe might not be a trained therapist but she does have very big ears, quite a long nose and a gaping heart.

Feeling Weird About It, Cork.

When he said he wanted...

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Spank me too hard for more at: This is really hard Spank me too hard me to write. I have never really My parents would spank me with increasing embarrassment and severity.

I went from. When he said he wanted to spank me, it was really hot. I love those I have a fetish for doing things that get guys hard. Since then, I've played.