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Praying for an ex


HusbandsMarriageWives 1. If I am honest, I know that I use to be appalled at the idea of Vince praying for his ex-wife. I certainly had my reservations about praying for her myself. I had my thoughts of how our marriage was supposed to be and my husband praying for his ex-wife was not something that I had included. She is, after all, the mother of our oldest daughter.

Like interceding for her. I can remember at the beginning of Praying for an ex marriage reluctantly praying with Vince for his ex-wife.

Yes, I was a believer, and yes, I loved Jesus, Praying for an ex the idea of praying for his ex made me uncomfortable. I mean, she is his ex for a reason. At some point, they had an actual relationship. That would make anyone a little uncomfortable. No one wants to bring up an ex, even if it is to Jesus.

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But as Christians, we have been called to something very different. A different perspective and standard in our relationships. Over the years God had his work cut out for him when it came to softening my heart towards this topic.

Not so much the subject of prayer, but more so the idea of praying for an ex. In most blended families there is at least one Ex that is still in the picture. If we are honest with ourselves and God, it is something that most of us find tough. Not only is it difficult since this person is our Praying for an ex for a reason but also because our prayers are often selfish and very much centered around our wants rather than Gods.

After he revealed this to me, he began pulling this selfishness up from the root with Praying for an ex resistance of course. First, he helped me to understand just how critical it was for Vince to keep praying for his ex.

Without prayer, the times that conflict did arise and trust me, it didI am confident that Vince would have handled the situations much differently had he not responded to it with prayer.

I can't quite relate to...

For example, if we were praying together for a situation regarding his ex, I would pray something along the lines of. I know what Praying for an ex thinking. I told you God had his worked cut out for him! Thankfully, God never gave up on me. He allowed those moments to teach Praying for an ex that not only did Vince need to be praying for his ex-wife with a sincere heart, but that I needed to be praying for her with one as well.

As prayer became our response, we began to experience a change in the dynamics of our relationships with our children and his ex. We have learned that before we react to any situation regarding his ex-wife, we need to sincerely and intentionally pray for her and the situation. Through prayer, good interactions have become even better, and the not so good ones go much smoother.

Not because they always change her from the inside out, but because they always change me from the inside out. It only means that he is a man of integrity, a man who puts his family before his selfish desires, and Praying for an ex man who allows God to be in complete control.

It is the most powerful tool you have on this blended family journey. With 49 practical ways to increase unity in your Praying for an ex and family! This site has an authentic SSL Certification.

Either way, when a marriage...

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In Jesus name, Amen. Like what you've read? Your personal information is safe and will never be shared. Amanda Baumann on January 16, at 9: Such a challenging reminder and encouragement! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We Need Your Support! Login Login Lost my Password. About Us Click to learn more about Willie and Rachel. He Said, She Said: Finally, a podcast for couples that talks about real issues concerning blended family life. Listen in as Praying for an ex and Rachel, share wisdom and resources of how they are learning to blend better in a humorous, and thought provoking way.

Sign up today to stay connected and receive podcast updates. Pin It on Pinterest. Though Shirer and Stallings' character's were married, have you ever wondered if you should keep praying "Praying for an ex" an ex, even if it's holding you.

I can't quite relate to the feeling compelled to pray bit, but i used prayer to get over Praying for an ex of my anger towards my ex.

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By asking God to bless. Dear Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus I love you. Father God I know that you brought my ex into my life. I know you had a hand in Praying for an ex when I asked for him.

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