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Facial scarring in fulani tribe

Pron Videos Facial scarring in fulani tribe.

Tribal marks are also used as an indicator of which tribe a person belongs to.

Here is an explanation of some African tribal marks and their meanings. The traditional Fulani favor the heavy usage of henna, a strong natural dye that leaves black marks on the skin.

This photo shows a Fulani...

The henna dye is used to draw temporary tattoos across the feet, palms, and face. This mark is indigenous to the Bor Dinka people of South Sudan.

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It is said that this marking was used as an indicator of a male child belong to a particular lineage. Scars are usually unique within each tribe, nonetheless, the most common include the men having six parallel horizontal lines across the forehead with an on top of the nose indentation and the women usually adorn dotted patterns across their skin. The Dinka tribe comprises of many ethnic groups and each practice unique religions.

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Their tribal marks are comprised of several lines carved on the forehead on each side ultimately forming a V shape. This is done to signify the transition from a boy to a man; if the boy screams or shows signs of being in pain, he is characterized as being weak. Usually performed on girls from Benin, these tribal marks consist of a grid pattern on the face.

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The Woodaabe, Mbororo, or Bororo tribe are a sub-group of the Fulani tribe. It is said the marks are to block evil spirits and for beautification purposes. This is not an extensive list of the unique body markings performed throughout the continent. Nevertheless, it is important to note that though these traditions have a significant meaning, they are becoming less important in many tribes especially because it is done at an early age.

Ms. K. Djeneba, shop owner,...

Some countries are beginning to impose fines and jail time for those who perform body markings. This is said to be done to protect the welfare of children.

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