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The English language is full of words that describe the shape of our bodies, some of them positive and some of them less positive. Probably the most commonly used adjective to describe someone who has too little fat is thin.

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Skinnya slightly informal word, means very much Chubby men blog same: Someone who is scrawny is so thin that their bones stick out: He was a scrawny little kid.

Gauntmeanwhile, is used to describe a very thin facesometimes a face that is thin because a person is ill: Her face Chubby men blog gaunt and grey. The adjective emaciated describes someone who is dangerously thin, usually through illness or extreme hunger. It describes the whole of the body: Some of the patients were quite emaciated. The above adjectives are generally negative, but there are as many adjectives to describe people who are thin in a way that is positive.

Probably the most common of these is slim. If someone is slim they are quite thin in a way that is attractive: Charlotte was looking lovely and slim in the photos.

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She was small and slender, like a dancer. Lean describes someone who is slim and strong: Long-distance runners are usually fairly lean. Of course, there are just as many words to describe the opposite situation. Fat is probably the most Chubby men blog used adjective for describing someone who has too much flesh but, it is very direct.

We sometimes use other, slightly less negative words to describe someone who is a little fat.

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Solid too is often used in this way: As a child, James was always quite solid. Overweight is an adjective that a doctor might use to describe a fat patient.

It is slightly clinical in tone.

Yes, the pun is intended. I totally agree with you. Actually, large breasts and broad hips are biologically determined to be perceived as erotic, as they represent some very clear advantages for the conception of children.

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Am I the only one who has noticed the absence of terms to name somebody who is just normal? Maybe we should stop and reflect on what this means.

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Maybe this is the way we have of fitting people into absurd pre-designed categories so that in the end nobody feels fine about their body. We seriously must stop labeling things like this.

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Similarly, we know what an ordinary person looks like, so we tend to emphasize the unusual in our choice of descriptive adjectives. And since an earlier commenter added terms about large people, I can add two for the slim set: Body shapes Sic et Non.

Hey somebody please help me with these sentence. I always though lithe is like someone lean and flexible but in here it seems a little contradictory: The sentence would not be Chubby men blog of a difference.

There is no such thing as a true synonym in English.

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About Words - Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog. Dear Kate, Thank you very much for the article. I found it really helpful, since it is Chubby men blog difficult to get find or presume such kind of information, especially when you live in non-english country.

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